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Accessing your home equity should be simple. With Chloe, you can be approved in minutes.

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HELOC made easy.

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Credit Card Backed By
Home Equity

Complex & lengthy approval processes add unnecessary friction for homeowners. Chloe uses technology to make HELOCs more accessible.


Apply 100% online. Decision in minutes.


Low Variable APR. Unlimited Cash Back.


No Origination Fees. No Annual Fees.1

Pre-Qualify in seconds. Close in minutes.

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Check Offer

Answer a few questions to quickly confirm your identity and home.

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Confirm Income

Instantly verify your bank account, pay stubs or bank statements.

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Sign 100% Online2

Seamlessly connect with our notary to sign your documents digitally.

HELOC  spent wisely.


The Only Home Digest You Need

Chloe paves the path to building wealth by delivering actionable insights driven by our hyper-local data.

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Track Home Value and Equity.

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Discover Renovations That Have The Best ROI.

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Understand How Best To Use Your Equity.

Most common ways to use home equity.

Home Equity Credit Card
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Picture of Investment Property

Home Improvements

New paint? Kitchen upgrade? Use Chloe to access data-backed project recommendations. You can then finance this project with our HELOC credit card.

Consolidating Debt

Stop paying 2-5x more on interest than you would with a HELOC. Chloe makes it easy to pay off expensive credit card debt using home-equity.

Investment Property

Looking to purchase a second home? Investment property? Tapping into your home-equity could just be what you need to finance this transaction.


Why not get a home equity line of credit instead?

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Home equity lines of credit often come with large origination fees, minimum credit limits & advances, and can take on average 4-6 weeks to close.

Chloe uses technology to significantly reduce the underwriting burden that traditional HELOCs carry so that we can get you approved in minutes. We also issue you a card in the mail so you can easily transact while reaping the benefits that credit cards carry. Plus, you’ll get cash back on your purchases.

Is this a HELOC or a Credit Card?

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Both! The Chloe Card is a HELOC issued via a credit card and can be used anywhere that you can use a credit card.

If I miss a payment, is my home impacted?

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Missing a few payments or paying late will not impact your home. Our mission is to help homeowners build wealth and we want to support you as best as we can. If you can’t make your payments, let us know and we’ll work with you on alternative payment plans. We don’t have high late payment fees and your interest rate won’t increase for late or missed payments. In the event of a default, we have remedies available. Foreclosure is our last option.

What do I need to qualify for this credit card?

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  • Own and have equity in your home.
  • Have an income that can support your monthly bill. We don’t want you getting into debt that you can’t afford.
  • Meet certain credit qualifications such as credit score, income, and property value requirements.

Let’s build your wealth, together.